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          JIU ZHOU FANG YUAN PAPER CO., LTD was founded in 2001, with a registered capital of almost 250 million USD and 580 employees, covering an area of 44 hectares.We specialize in developing, manufacturing and exporting various FANCY, PATTERNED, PEARLESCENT, LEATHERETTE & WRAPPING PAPER in various specifications, which are sourced by PACKING, PRINTING and DESIGN manufacturers.Now we are holding FSC、RECYCLED、SGS、UKAS、ISO Certificates & Standards.

                  Tel:   +86 769 88899350

                          +86 769 88899360

                  Contact:  West Wu  

                  Email:  sales@jzfypaper.com

          Copyright ? 2001-2030  JIUZHOU FANGYUAN PAPER CO.,LTD